Mastermind Guide Adam Kobler

Adept at finding the best ways to deal with problems, Adam uses his background in consulting alongside a passion for systems in his coaching. He is a serial entrepreneur with experience starting, building, and selling businesses. Adam has led teams and individuals to victory in a variety of situations – successfully balancing human needs alongside tactical & strategic objectives. He works with his clients to help them develop the soft skills, mental fortitude, and systems they will need to be a leader worth following.

Press Start - Lead Like a Hero

Leadership Mastermind

Guided by Adam Kobler and Christopher Mifsud

Meeting every 2 weeks

Group Check-ins

Hot Seat Style

Limited Seats

Starts April

Meeting Every 2 Weeks

Frequent chances to learn from other leaders, Adam, & Christopher

Group Check-ins

For accountability and keep you moving forward

Hot Seat Style

Each session will have time for the group to focus on a specific question or topic from the group

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Mastermind Guide Christopher Mifsud

With over 20 years of experience leading and growing international teams for top-tier digital creative companies, Christopher decided to share what he has learned with a wider audience. He coaches leadership, strategy, and execution for video game professionals..